Hawking a technology that may assist Hawking

It’s been awe-fully awe-inspiring to observe some of the technological advances that have enabled Stephen Hawking to continue communicating (and living). Ever more so inspiring, as his neurodegenerative/motor disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) worsens with age, technology and medicine continue to improve. 

Hawking is currently using a pair of glasses, fitted with infrared sensors, that can turn even the most petty cheek twitches into words. Though it is a rather time-consuming process, it works, and has allowed for Hawking to continue sharing his thoughts with those whom are interested. 

Now, tech development is at such a stage where electroencephalograph technology is being used outside of hospitals and laboratories; and one of its applications can help to expedite this process. On that note, the human species (directed by Dr. Philip Low + colleagues) brings you, Neurovigil’s iBrain.

Soon, Hawking will be able to express himself simply by conjuring thoughts. What lies deep within the neural tracts of his mind is subject to a lot of curiosity… if he lives long enough for us to know, we may see for ourselves.


evolution of the artiste

"If the dominant science in the new Age of Wonder is biology, then the dominant art form should be the design of genomes to create new varieties of animals and plants. This art form, using the new biotechnology creatively to enhance the ancient skills of plant and animal breeders, is still struggling to be born. It must struggle against cultural barriers as well as technical difficulties, against the myth of Frankenstein as well as the reality of genetic defects and deformities.

If this dream comes true, and the new art form emerges triumphant, then a new generation of artists, writing genomes as fluently as Blake and Byron wrote verses, might create an abundance of new flowers and fruit and trees and birds to enrich the ecology of our planet. Most of these artists would be amateurs, but they would be in close touch with science, like the poets of the earlier Age of Wonder. The new Age of Wonder might bring together wealthy entrepreneurs like Venter and Kamen, academic professionals like Haussler, and a worldwide community of gardeners and farmers and breeders, working together to make the planet beautiful as well as fertile, hospitable to hummingbirds as well as to humans.”

Freeman Dyson - When Science & Poetry Were Friends (The New York Review of Books)

Slinging wingings at Same place

Jammy clammy at Troutman Street, Brooklyn

Jammity calamity at Troutman Street, Brooklyn

Timmy has been exiled


12-3-12 / crown chakra mandala


12-3-12 / crown chakra mandala


Caesium seconds blink as time elapses and cellular clusters perceive it to. Though without perception they would continue to do so, until the start of it (again). The objective, unknown… but a work in progress.

As sub-atomic particles compose what is the energy caressing the caregiver, we work harder to know, and time influences how hard we work.

In constant motion, time passes so slowly on this caregiver, yet so quickly when we succumb to the expedition of it (work). Knowing this, the significance we place on it passing, instead of it being, is relatively absurd.

Being matter that “matters”, gravity supports our ability to take advantage of time. But, seeing that a force provides us with the opportunity to do that, another force must gradually be taking that opportunity from us. 

In this apparent reality, some posit that it doesn’t matter because it’s all dark anyways; ultimately, it’s you that decides what you want to do with the time that you’ve been allotted.

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